Coffin Grant Recipients

Jackson Prize Recipients

Place Maker Award Recipients

Place Keeper Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The David R. Coffin Publication Grant

Named in honor of the eminent late professor of architecture at Princeton University and pioneer scholar of landscape and garden history, the David R. Coffin Publication Grant is awarded annually to an author or publisher of an English-language book-in-progress that advances scholarship in the field of garden history and landscape studies.

The John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Prize

Named in honor of one of the founding figures of American landscape studies, the J. B. Jackson prize is awarded to a distinguished book published in the English language within the past three years.

Place Maker / Place Keeper Awards

A "place maker" is a person who has used design imagination and horticultural skill to create a garden or park of exceptional beauty. A "place keeper" is a land steward who possesses the sensitivity and management abilities needed to make an existing, publicly accessible landscape flourish. Each year at its Spring Luncheon, the Foundation for Landscape Studies honors one or more outstanding individuals who fit these definitions.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given on rare occasions to a person who has contributed significantly to the understanding of landscape studies through the production of a body of work or who has had a career of extraordinary accomplishment in the field of landscape design.