This online gallery provides a permanent online venue for seven portfolios of work by professional photographers, five writers’ contributions of supplementary images for their Site/Lines essays, and three independent portraits of place.

All images on the Foundation for Landscape website are protected by copyright law. 

You may view exhibitions by clicking on the links below or on the titles in the adjacent sidebar.

Drawn to Landscape: The Pioneering Work of J. B. Jackson 
> Boulders and Vines: Molly Chappellet's Napa Valley Garden 

> Underfoot: The Geological Foundations of New York City 

> An Aerial Garden Promenade: Nature and Design along the High Line
> New Orleans After the Flood
> Stone Walls
> Grand Canyon
> Excavating the Farley
> Ancient Sites of the Andean Desert 
The Other Las Vegas
> Mountains

> Down the Hulahula River through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 2019
Traveling Through the Netherlands and Belgium
A Spring Study Tour of Italian Villas